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Support with suppliers & partners

Looking for a new supplier?

  • Selection of suppliers
    Having your specifications in hand (Request For Proposal,...) I will select a list of potential suppliers. The selection is made not only from the technical point of view, but also I can analyze the financial strength and health of the company.
  • Support during negotiations
    Unfortunately, language & communication problems happen more often that one could expect. Your specifications may not be completely translated in a common language (just look carefully at your technical drawings), and you will need some support to make sure that the supplier understands right your requirements.

Need support with existing partner?

Signing a contract is just a starting point. What you need is to have your part manufactured and shipped on time, or the required parts and assemblies designed and analyzed as you required. I can visit regularly your partners and follow their progress in a much more personal and efficient way than any phone call or mail can do.

Need to hurry up a supplier?

You will especially appreciate my help when you will face this typical problem: Parts are not shipped and nobody is picking up the phone or answering emails. Thanks to my central location, I can very quickly visit your supplier and deal straight with him.

Support with human resource

Looking for qualified people for a given mission?

Thanks to my network, I can find quickly engineers or technicians that will fill your needs.

  • Hire and manage a team here in Czech Republic
  • Find external workers for a given mission in your company

Seminars, courses & events

I can organize seminars and courses on various topics:

  • Technical: aircraft design, aerodynamics, …
  • Inter-cultural: particularities of dealing with Czech or French culture for business or for everyday life.