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Aircraft design

From scratch to certification, I can provide a wide range of services

Project concept & definition

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Market analysis
    • Review of existing & emerging aircraft
    • Positioning of your project, SWOT analysis
    • Estimations of potential sales and market share
  • Project specifications
  • Business plan

Preliminary design

  • Performance estimations
  • Weight breakdown & CG estimation
  • External shape & cabin design
  • Selection of technologies and key partners (engines, avionics,..)
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Development & production costs estimation

Detailed design & analysis

  • All the design and analysis are performed in regards with the target regulation: FAR or CS 23, CS-VLA, LSA,...
  • Aerodynamics: all tasks covered
  • Selection of specialists for each task & management of the design team
  • Technical specifications for suppliers selection
  • Parts design

Aircraft upgrade

  • analysis of your aircraft & proposal of modifications
  • Design, analysis & realization of the modification

Example of design of the cabin of a convertible aircraft (VTOL). All the analysis performed for this project resulted in the application for several patents, and more information will be published after their release.

The 3D model was done in Solidworks and contains more than 2000 parts.