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General aviation is a very particular and demanding industry. In order to develop and certify an aircraft, you need a very wide range of competences, which means engineers and technicians in number. Quite often, your company simply can't afford to have so much employees when there is no aircraft under development.

My goal is to offer this required flexibility to your company

Organized in order to be as flexible as possible, my two key points are:

→ No full time employees, just collaborations with a pool of experts depending of each mission

  • Minimize fixed costs & overheads
  • Optimize team for a given task
→ Maximize the use of Open-source tools
  • Minimize annuals fees
  • Maximize the tuning capabilities of the software, in order to optimize them for a given task


Aircraft design & analysis

The mains aircraft and projects on which I have worked for the past years:

LH Aviation

2013/2014: Technical support - production (support with their Czech supplier)


2014: Technical support for development and certification

Price Induction

Spring/summer 2012: Integration study of the French Price Induction's new turbofan engine on existing aircrafts. Tasks covered:
  • Comparative study of several possible installations
  • Detailed risk analysis of such a configuration change
  • Performance & mission analysis
  • Certification issues & solutions
  • Design changes
  • Weight & CG

Aero Ae270: Mono-turboprop of 850 shp, pressurized, 9 passengers, MTOW 3800kg

  • Member of the certification team (performance and flight mechanics)
  • Responsible of aerodynamic of the upgrade program (increase in cruise speed, range, MTOW)
  • Member of the civil program project team

Evektor EV-55: Bi-turboprop of 2*550 shp, 9 passengers, MTOW 4600kg

  • Conceptual design: Basic dimensions, wing & tails aerodynamic design
  • Calculation of derivatives for comparatives analyzes
  • Loads computation for strength analysis
  • Performance and flight mechanics analysis

Evektor VUT-100 : Single-engine piston of 315 shp, 5 persons, MTOW 1450kg

  • Loads computation for strength analysis
  • Performance calculation
  • Preparation of some certification material
  • Development flight tests

Wolfsberg Corvus-1F:Twin-engine piston 2*310 shp, 9 passengers, MTOW 3100kg

  • Responsible of the whole aerodynamic (CS-23 Chapter B: Flight) for certification
  • Responsible of two campaigns of flight tests
  • Conception, analysis and flight-testing of winglets
  • Solving flow separation issues on the fuselage with vortex-generators
    • Combined together, those modifications allowed to increase by 400kg the MTOW according to FAR/CS-23 limits (OEI gradients)
  • You can see some technical details of my work here

LET Aircraft Industries L-410 : Bi-turboprop, 19 passengers, MTOW 6600kg

  • Programming of a Excel-based software for Route and Economy Analysis, intended to be used by operators for optimization of the aircraft operation costs
  • Conception of a new wing in the framework of a complete upgrade program

Convertible - undisclosed company: Piston, 4 persons
Project leader: Convertible aircraft with a revolutionary technology allowing for mass-production (low-end of the general aviation market). This task required high level of innovation, open-mind and awareness to explore unconventional solutions and choose the best tradeoff. The project goals were reached and the design is undergoing patenting process.

Flight dynamic models

  • Aircrafts: Evektor EV-55 & VUT-100
  • Helicopters: Bell 412 & Mi-24 Hind, for the company Bohemia Interactive

Business support & development

  • Soditech (FR): Found strength engineers for long-term missions in France.
  • Mediator for the shipment organization of pilot-sticks for the largest helicopter manufacturer.


  • Czech-French chamber of commerce
  • HR solutions
  • Business incubator of Kunovice

Private pilot

Flying for nearly 20 years, I have financed my private pilot licence, as I was a student, only by working as a maintenance mechanic in the aero-club. It gave me a very strong practical experience of the aviation, that I am still using when designing or analyzing aircrafts.

LH aviaiton

Dyn Aero AUPA

Price induction DGEN 380 aero 270
Aero 270: I took this picture from another Ae270 when coming back from a flight test in autumn 2006

corvus raven
Corvus-1F: I took this picture during flight tests in Autumn 2007, when making flow visualization. I solved flow separation on the rear part of the fuselage with a set of vortex generators